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China offers to assist South Africa: COVID-19

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China offers to assist South Africa: COVID-19

China, which is considered as the origin of the coronavirus outbreak, has offered to assist South Africa in its fight against the spreading pandemic.

Briefing the media in Pretoria on Sunday, 22 March 2020 Chinese Ambassador Lin Songtian said that his country was fully experienced in dealing with COVID-19 – and is willing to help South Africa to overcome the disease which has affected two-hundred and seventy-four people now.

“We are ready to do our best to provide whatever you need. And we are ready to fight with you until we bring coronavirus to an end the COVID-19,” the envoy said.

While China has recorded a near-zero decline in terms of new infections, the major concern now is the global spread of the diseases to Africa and other continents, and this required concerted efforts to contain the epidemic, Lin said.

Meanwhile, Chinese business magnate Jack Ma made good of his pledge on Sunday by delivering coronavirus testing kits meant for all African countries in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the African Union capital.

According to reports, Ma has donated to South Africa and fifty-three other African states twenty-thousand testing kits each, while fifty-thousand kits have been sent to the kits-strapped United States of America.

Multi-billionaire Ma is the owner of Alibaba, the online shopping mall.