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Chad’s governors focus on security and revenue in recent conference

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Chadian provincial governors convened their fourth conference on Friday, 4 October 2019, in Abeche, in the Ouaddaï region, with President Idriss Deby Itno in attendance.

The conference was hosted under the theme “Public order, security, protection of people and property, optimization of revenues and rationalization of expenditures: issues and new challenges”. In his address, President Deby said that the choice of Abeche to host this conference and the topics on the agenda stem from the seriousness of the events happening there, as well as in other provinces of the country.

“This choice also expresses the strong commitment of the public authorities to restoring the severely affected peace and security, following the recent deadly conflicts that plunged hundreds of Chadian families into mourning”, he said.

According to President Déby, the provinces of Ouaddaï, Sila, Tibesti, Moyen Chari, and Tandjilé have recorded deadly inter-community clashes on a disturbing scale and with the systematic use of war weapons.

“This worrying situation is in many ways inseparable from the tragedies happening all around our country, where the hotbeds of tension in the east, west, north and south are insidiously contaminating our territories”, he said.

President Deby added that while the state of emergency has made it possible to maintain peace and deter predators from conflict and violence, “we cannot say that all our expectations have been fully met. We must go beyond measures of a cyclical nature”.

That is why he called on the 23 governors to capitalize on the dividends obtained and to strengthen the measures in place, in the near future, to contain successfully this phenomenon which causes so much damage.



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