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Chad’s Foreign Minister warns against elections interference from US Embassy

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Chadian Foreign Minister, Mahamat Zene Cherif, strongly reacted to the US Embassy’s comments on the country’s electoral process, insisting that Ndjamena will not allow any interference in its internal affairs.

“The Government of Chad does not, under any circumstances, allow any form of interference with its sovereignty, or interference of any kind whatsoever in its internal affairs, likely to undermine the stability and national consensus built at the cost of “enormous sacrifices,” a statement from Tuesday, 10 June 2019, said in its response to a recent statement from the United States embassy, signed by its Charge d’Affaires.

Last Friday, 7 June 2019, Richard Bell said that the Chadian government has “the responsibility to facilitate participation at all stages in the electoral process, including, among other things, the immediate authorization of political parties that meet the legally established criteria.”

In his statement, the Minister firmly declares that “the choice of democracy as a mode of governance in Chad has never been imposed from outside, and the texts governing the creation and functioning of political parties are established in accordance with the Constitution and the laws of the Republic, as evidenced by the free exercise of the activities of more than 200 political parties.”

Therefore, Mahamat Zene Sharif invites “all accredited diplomatic missions and consular missions in Chad to carry out their activities without interfering in its internal affairs and in compliance with their obligation of reserve.”



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