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Cape Town suspected arsonist caught in the act

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A man suspected of starting a fire in Cape Town has been arrested and police officers have discovered that this is not his first offence.

An unidentified man has been arrested and charged with arson. On Sunday, 10 March 2019, the city of Cape Town’s auxiliary law enforcement officers responded to a call placed via a neighbourhood watch radio. The call placed by the City Bowl Armed Response described an attack by a man who was allegedly throwing stones at members of the public at Van Riebeeck Park on Sunday. Upon arrival, the auxiliary enforcement officers found the man setting fire in the mountainside that borders Table Mountain National Park.

“Officers found the suspect setting fire to the mountainside. The suspect was detained while officers managed to obtain a garden hose from a neighbouring house and began extinguishing the fire,” said law enforcement spokesperson Wayne Dyason.


“Cape Town’s fire and rescue team arrived in less than 10 minutes to help, as well as Table Mountain National Parks fire teams,” he continued.

The suspect was then transported to Cape Town Central Police Station and was charged with arson. Upon charges, officers discovered that this was not the suspect’s first criminal offence. The suspect was arrested at the end of January 2019 for starting a fire, making Sunday’s fire and subsequent arrest the second one in the space of two months.

Abenathi Gqomo
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