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Canadian tourists escape kidnapping in Ghana without paying 800 000-dollar ransom

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The kidnappers of two Canadian women in Ghana demanded a whopping 800 000 dollars as ransom from their families, but they have managed to escape without paying the ransom.

Lauren Patricia Catherine and Bailey Jordan Chilly were seized by their Nigerian abductors and their Ghanaian collaborators in Ghana’s second largest city Kumasi Tuesday, on 4 June 2019.

They had boarded an Uber taxi on their way to a hostel at Nyhiayeso, a suburb of Kumasi when they were forcibly taken away, local reports said.

According to local media on Saturday, 8 June 2019, people identified as Agbalor, Ojiyorwe, Omarsar and Yakubu, assaulted the ladies and forced them into their vehicle amid shooting before driving off to an unknown destination.

It was later discovered as an uncompleted building.

Apart from demanding 800 000 dollars as ransom, the kidnappers also smeared their victims’ faces with blood to demonstrate their serious intent.

Initially, the families of the two Canadians wanted to pay the ransom, but they were dissuaded from this by the Ghanaian government which vowed to rescue the girls.

Catherine and Chilly have since been flown back to Canada, their home country, after they were freed by Ghanaian intelligence operatives in a dramatic rescue operation on Wednesday, 12 June 2019.



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