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Cameroonian engineer wins Pulse Africa Prize for invention of solar-powered refrigerator

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Twenty-four-year-old renewable energy engineer from Cameroon, Tchulang Anadolu, has won the Pulse Africa First Prize for his invention of a solar photovoltaic refrigerator.

Anadolu, who is also a promoter of the Clean Energy Services start-up, will participate in the final of the EDF Pulse Africa prize, which rewards entrepreneurial innovation in the field of innovative energy solutions. The prize will take place on 21 November 2019 in Paris.

Made from local materials, the refrigerator designed by Tchulang Anadolu is equipped with a sensor using only solar thermal energy, which transforms the heat of the sun into cold through adsorption.

Described as robust, it allows the user to keep medicines, vaccines and cool water, among others.

For lower temperatures, a DC compressor is powered by a photovoltaic panel.

The extra electrical energy produced can be used for charging phones or outlets for lighting.

According to the triumphant Anadolu, the thermal insulation of the device is designed so that the cold can be kept for three days, in the prolonged absence of the sun.

“Our start-up is built on beliefs such as valuing the solar energy potential of our environment while integrating sustainable development, technology transfer and integration, into our society, promoting young and green jobs, while contributing to the fight against global warming with added value to the national economy,” said Anadolu, a student of the Higher Institute of Sahel Maroua, in the desert region of Cameroon.

During the public presentation of the refrigerator in February 2017, the Ministry of Youth had promised support for Clean Energy Services.

“This support is yet to materialize,” said Anadolu ruefully.

He said assembling the first prototype of his invention costs CFA 320 000.



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