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Botswana opposition: ‘Leadership dispute is damaging country’s reputation’

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Botswana’s opposition has warned that the dispute between President Mokgweetsi Masisi and his predecessor Ian Khama was damaging the country’s reputation within the international community.

Alliance for Progressives secretary general Phenyo Butale raised the red flag on Monday, warning the careless use of words by both Masisi and Khama was feeding a growing international sentiment that “our country is on the verge of complete paralysis of its democratic institutions in general.”

“If left unabated, the economic consequences accessioned by such an international sentiment will adversely affect all citizens regardless of their party affiliation,” Butale said.

He added that some of the statements attributed to Masisi and Khama “are stoking tribal tensions”.

“We call upon all fair-minded citizens of all persuasions to stand up and discourage any celebration of the divisive sentiments conjured by the two leaders,” he said.

Masisi has accused Khama’s tribe, Bangwato, of claiming to be superior to other tribes, while Khama has hit back accusing his successor of stoking the fires of tribalism himself.


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