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Bolt South Africa launches business delivery service during national lockdown

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Ride e-hailing and delivery company, Bolt, previously known as Taxify, has launched its business delivery service, acting as the middleman between businesses and their consumers.

In an announcement post on Monday, 30 March 2020, Bolt stated, “South Africa, Bolt Business Delivery is here! With this new service, you can now deliver parcels to your customers in just a few hours! If it fits in a car, we can deliver it.”

The service is available for use by all kinds of businesses, including restaurants, supermarkets and florists. The company stated, “[Bolt Delivery Service applies to] anyone who needs a delivery service to cover the last mile, manage item returns, and that can handle multiple drop-offs.”

The service operates as a scheduled delivery facility which is orchestrated via the company’s online interface website. It is projected to have same-day or same-hour delivery, transparent pricing dependent on distance of delivery, real-time delivery tracking and support and delivery of any item that can fit inside a regular-sized car.

The company has yet to clarify if the service will be operational during the 21-day lockdown period, or if the service has been exclusively opened for online order and pick-up scheduling. Customers and drivers have reached out to the company, questioning the timing of the launch. Mufaro Chinyanga commented, “This is a great service. As drivers, we are waiting for more details on it. Meanwhile, as drivers, can we work this week or does the category of taxi according to Fikile Mbalula’s announcement not apply to e-hailing?” Bolt has yet to respond.

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