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BLF stands with Zuma rejecting judgement

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BLF has called the Judiciary of South Africa racist and prejudice in their defence of Jacob Zuma, stating that they reject the judgement against him and support him.

On Thursday, 1 July 2021, the Black First Land First (BLF) party issued a response, rejecting the Jacob Zuma ruling by the Constitutional Court. BLF stated that they unequivocally reject the decision by the ConCourt to imprison former president, Jacob Zuma, for 15 months. Further expressing that as an organisation they have stood with the former president for years, even when it was not trendy to do so.

The party noted that their long-standing relationship with Zuma has given them a front row seat to the unjust judicial persecution he has endured, that many of his court cases and judgements had an element of prejudice and unfairness. BLF expressed that this judgement is riddled with inaccuracies and fabrications, with an emotional tone that comes across as angry and vindictive towards Zuma.

The party has called the South African judiciary racist, saying that this judgement has cemented their notion of this fact, and that the judiciary follows the old tradition of vilifying and imprisoning freedom fighters. BLF went on to state that they warned Black people not to vote for Ramaphosa, but that they would defend Zuma all while tearing down white supremacy.

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