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Belgian Foreigners Office says “expulsion of Guineans is imminent”

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Freddy Rosemont, the Director General of the Belgian Foreigners Office has announced that the expulsion of Guineans from his country is imminent.

Making the announcement at a press conference in Conakry on Thursday, 10 January 2019, Rosemont said: “Guinea is in the top 5 of countries providing asylum seekers. In 2018, the 1125 asylum seekers of Guinean nationality had negative opinions. The evictions will soon begin and they will not stop. As soon as people are identified, with or without a special plane, they will be deported.”

He, however, pointed out that those who are in his country to work or study are welcomed.

“But not asylum seekers,” he said, pointing out that those in question face no persecution or torture while in Guinea.

“I didn’t see that and all international reports say so,” he added.



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