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Are Friday music releases still as innovative as they used to be?

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In recent popular culture, there has been a trend of popular musicians releasing their singles or albums on a Friday, but has this trend lost its impact with the oversaturation of music?

Various music platforms have different variations of the hashtag, #FreshMusicFridays. The hashtag is used to publicise music releases by popular musicians that release music on Fridays. This article will problematize the use of this marketing strategy, and go on to suggest that musicians should consider a different strategy and release day.

Every Friday, numerous popular artists release new music or music videos. Initially, the trend worked, as it showcased the popularity of one artist compared to the other, while increasing the number of downloads and streams for the favoured artist. However, with the trend becoming a norm, the strategy has, in my opinion, become overrated and does not allow for the music that is released to get the recognition it deserves.

I suggest that instead of the #FreshMusicFriday releases, there should be a #SurpriseDayRelease trend instead. This is not to say that all artists should follow in Beyoncé’s footsteps of always releasing unannounced new music, because she’s one of the very few people that can actually pull it off without losing sales. Instead, artists should look to the likes of South African rapper, Cassper Nyovest.

For the release of his latest single, Good For That, Cassper teased the release for over a week. This allowed for his fans to be prepared for the new single. Furthermore, instead of releasing the song on a Friday, he released it on a Saturday. This meant that the single was able to trend without any others competing for attention, which is often the case with Friday releases.

Sabelo Makhubo

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