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Anoj Singh’s State Capture Commission appearance scheduled for later date

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Advocate Pule Seleka was revealed as the reason for the confusion that ensued during the latest State Capture Commission proceedings, as he delivered a vague summons to Anoj Singh and his representatives.

The State Capture Commission was set to hear the testimony of Eskom’s former Chief Financial Officer, Anoj Singh, on Wednesday, 13 January 2021. However, confusion ensued when Singh’s representative claimed that his appearance was to request further information, as his initial summons did not sufficiently note the scope of his testimony.

Initially, it was believed that the claim was a tactic for Singh to avoid taking the stand. However, he and his representatives were adamant that based on their initial summons, insufficient details were provided regarding what he would be testifying about.

It was then revealed that Singh’s initial summons was by Advocate Pule Seleka. Moreover, that the summons suggested that Singh’s appearance would be on the affidavit he had written, and not the finances of Eskom and other Eskom-related questions.

Despite Seleka’s attempts to defend his summons, the proceedings were adjourned. Moreover, Singh and his representatives received an extension to produce the detailed affidavit on Monday, 18 January 2021.

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