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ANC supporters expect Magashule to continue trend of donating money for food

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While on a campaign trail in Makhaza, outside Cape Town, an ANC supporter told Magashule that his fridge was empty, with the expectation of receiving money.

While campaigning in the informal settlement of Inkanini in the township of Makhaza, situated outside Cape Town on Tuesday, 30 April 2019, African National Congress (ANC) secretary general Ace Magashule was expected to donate money for groceries by an ANC supporter. Magashule was doing door-to-door campaigns and while asking local resident Mathapelo Senako to vote for the ANC, the supporter told him that she was an unemployed struggling mother before she invited Magashule to open the empty fridge and see for himself.

“I am unemployed and I’m struggling. Don’t be deceived by my decent-looking shack. You can go open there.

“You will see that it’s empty, there’s no food because I’m unemployed. I’ve [heard] stories about you donating something to other people,” said Senako, pointing to the fridge.

This comes after Magashule caused quite a stir while on another campaign trail at Philippi in the Cape Flats about two weeks ago. In a video that has since gone viral, Magashule could be seen opening a fridge at a supporter’s home, acknowledging that there is no food and ultimately taking out R400 and handing it to the woman.

The woman expressed joy and gratitude, exclaiming: “Thank you sir, I’m very grateful. Yeww, ANC! I will never leave it, my God! My fridge will have something in it now. I’m filling up the fridge with food from this money. I’m buying food… It’s R400, two R200 notes.”

That incident resulted in Magashule being accused of buying votes and is now the subject matter of an investigation by the Electoral Commission after complaints were lodged. In his defence, Magashule said he only gave her money because she was hungry and unemployed.

“She’s unemployed, she’s hungry. Her fridge is empty. She’s not been working for some years but you guys [the media] when people say they are hungry, and we contribute, you say we are buying votes.

“So, she says we must not worry about such things. She says she will vote ANC because she believes in President Cyril Ramaphosa,” said Magashule.

Abenathi Gqomo


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