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ANC pledges solidarity with Haiti, calling for protection of its humanitarian aid

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The ANC has pledged its support of and solidarity with Haiti in the aftermath of an earthquake, and has urged the UN to be vigilant in protecting humanitarian aid.

The African National Congress (ANC) issued a statement on Wednesday, 18 August 2021, in solidarity with Haiti, following the recent earthquake that hit the South-West of the Haitian Capital of Port-au-Prince. The party pledged its solidarity and extended condolences, empathy and support.

The ANC noted that the humanitarian impact was significant, given the many challenges the island has faced recently. The party also highlighted that over and above this, Haiti was still recovering from the political turmoil of the recent assassination of its President Jovenet Moise in July 2021. It also noted that the country is ranked as one of the poorest in the world. The ANC expressed its hopes for the recovery of the injured, the restoration of the nation, rehabilitation of displaced communities, as well as comfort for those who have lost loved ones.

The party stated, “In the spirit of Pan Africanism and solidarity with the people of Haiti, we call for humanitarian action to support Haiti and her people.” The ANC further urged the United Nations (UN) and its agencies to not allow self-interests to abuse humanitarian aid or to attempt to control the country.

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