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ANC mum on scathing David Mabuza report

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 The ANC is yet to respond to a New York Times article, which paints its Deputy President David Mabuza’s leadership history as being marred with dubious dealings.

More than two days after the New York Times published a damning article about Deputy President David Mabuza, the ANC is still yet to respond to the allegations.

The American newspaper published an article titled, “South Africa Vows to End Corruption. Are Its New Leaders Part of the Problem?”, written by Norimutsi Onishi and Selam Gebrekidan. In the report, the duo begins by telling the story of how Mpumalanga, under Mabuza’s leadership as Premier at the time, still had several service delivery issues. It recalls how Mabuza failed to meet with frustrated parents who had protested over the poor state of a school in the province. “Mr Mabuza never came to the school or met with the parents — and for good reason, local officials contend. The dangerous conditions were a clear reflection of his control over the province, where millions of dollars for education have disappeared into a vortex of suspicious spending, shoddy public construction and brazen corruption to fuel his political ambitions, according to government records and officials in his party.”, the article read.

The report goes to on further to quote senior ANC officials who claim that Mabuza’s rise to power was attributed to him siphoning “off money from schools and other public services to buy loyalty and amass enormous power, making him impossible to ignore on the national stage and putting him in position to shape South Africa for years to come.”

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