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ANC calls for reversal of AU’s decision on Israel’s observer status

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The ANC has called on the AU and its executive council to reconsider and reverse its decision to grant Israel observer status, calling it unwise and reckless.

The African National Congress (ANC) released a statement on Tuesday, 3 August 2021, speaking on the African Union (AU) granting Israel observer status. The ANC wrote that it is astounded and takes a dim view of the decision by the AU, which it deems appallingly unfortunate. It further stated that the AU has seemed to reward Israel even after its air strikes and bombings of Palestine, in an open disregard for international protocols and human rights.

The ANC believes that the decision was insensitive and ill-advised, and was an antipathy to the founding principles and objectives of the AU, including its resolutions. The party also pointed out that the recent bombings and killings of Palestinians, destruction of their properties and social infrastructure, including hospitals, was reflective of Israel’s flagrant disregard for the international community and protocols, including the AU and United Nations (UN) tenets on human rights.

The ANC called on the AU Secretariat to defer to the democratic guidance and decision of the AU member states, in line with protocols and founding principles, and urged the Secretariat to reconsider and reverse the “reckless and unwise decision.” The party further stressed that integrity should be observed.

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Mahlohonolo Lakaje
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