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Amanda du Pont and Pallance Dladla’s Shadow premiered on Friday

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Amanda du Pont and Pallance Dladla’s Shadow premiered on Friday

Actress Amanda du Pont stars alongside Pallance Dladla on the first South African Netflix series, Shadow, which premiered on Friday, 8 March 2019.

A few weeks ago, the South African actress took to Twitter and Instagram to announce her new role in the first South African original series to be acquired by Neflix called Shadow. Her co-star, Class Act 2011 winner, Pallance Dladla, also took to his social media platforms to share about the eight-episodes long series.

In the series, Pallance Dlala plays the role of Shadow, a former detective and task force member whom events in his childhood rendered him immune to pain. Set in the heart of Johannesburg, South Africa, Shadow uses this ‘superpower’ to play the role of a much-needed hero who frequently takes the law into his own hands. Amanda du Pont plays Ashley, Shadow’s love interest.

The series was directed by Gareth Crocker from Motion Story Productions and depicts a story of what happens when the universe vests an ordinary guy with super powers and the will to do good.

The series premiered to mixed reviews, with supporters praising the cinematography and story line, while other viewers were left less than impressed.

Mpho Ncube took to Twitter on Saturday, 9 March 2019, to express his disappointment. “So, I gave this Shadow [show] a chance… what a waste of my time! Aside from bad camera shots and Pallance’s bad acting, this [is] not how I imagined South African productions will introduce themselves to Netflix.” he tweeted.

Alternatively, Goodman Luphondo sang Shadow’s praises. “Six episodes in, and Shadow on Netflix has been good. That “voetsek” scene with the lion was everything though,” he tweeted, accompanied by four laughing face emoticons.

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