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AKA shares his thoughts on Barack Obama

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AKA shares his thoughts on Barack Obama

AKA took to Twitter to share his thoughts on Barack Obama’s visit to South Africa for the Nelson Mandela lecture.

Rapper AKA took to Twitter earlier today to share his thoughts on former US president Barack Obama’s appearance at the Nelson Mandela lecture. Never one to shy away from honesty, AKA questioned the meaning behind Obama’s presence at the event.

AKA tweeted, “I totally understand the relevance and the inspiration of Obama being the 1st black president of [🇺🇸] to an African American but people try and make it sound like it’s supposed to mean something to a South African who’s been living in a country run by black people for 24 years.” Following the thoughtful tweet, many fans and followers asked the rapper for his exact point on the matter. Others meanwhile pointed out that the significance of the former US president’s speech had to do with the fact that Mandela was the first black president of South Africa, while Obama was America’s first black president.

Barack Obama appeared on stage yesterday, 17 July 2018 at Wanderers Stadium to deliver a speech in celebration of Nelson Mandela’s centenary birthday. His speech began at 14:45 and went on for around eighty minutes. Many celebrities and dignitaries who were in attendance have lauded the former president for his speech which centred around a message of equality and peace.



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