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AfriForum proposes practical measures to curb farm murders

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Ernst Roets took to Twitter to circulate a statement detailing ten practical steps that AfriForum believes should be implemented to curb farm murders.

AfriForum’s Head of Policy and Action, Ernst Roets took to Twitter on Wednesday, 27 January 2021, to circulate a statement on curbing farm murders. The matter was a political tug of war towards the latter part of 2020, as AfriForum called for the supposed phenomenon to be recognised as a priority crime.

At the time, the discussion moved from acknowledging that farm murders are not a new phenomenon, to a discussion on the distinction between farm murders and farm attacks, which are supposedly based on socio-economic and racial categorisation. The state then clarified the country does not have a hierarchy on crimes, and that no one crime is more urgent than the other, thus farm murders need not be recognised as priority crimes.

Now, AfriForum has created ten practical steps to curb the matter, which it listed as follows:

  1. Recognise the severity of the crisis and release statistics on farm attacks and farm murders on a quarterly basis.
  2. Continue independent research on the true extent of the crisis, the manifestation of these attacks and the efficacy of a range of counterstrategies.
  3. Involve local communities through government-funded structures to fulfil the erstwhile role of the abandoned commando system.
  4. Acknowledge farm attacks as a priority of the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (the Hawks).
  5. Partner with civil society to strengthen the SAPS’s response to farm attacks.
  6. Revise the National Rural Safety Strategy to particularly provide for a focused reaction to farm attacks.
  7. Establish specialist rural safety units.
  8. Establish a holistic approach to farm attacks, as opposed to the exclusively localised focus in response to individual farm attacks, as if these constitute isolated events.
  9. Provide comprehensive victim support throughout the entire process.
  10. Adopt legislation in terms of which farm attacks are dealt with more comprehensively – this should include the criminalisation of hate speech in which violence towards farmers is encouraged or romanticized.

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