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AfriForum expresses opposition to Firearms Control Amendment Bill

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AfriForum has joined the opposition to the Firearms Control Amendment Bill, which seeks to disarm citizens in a move towards a gun-free South Africa.

AfriForum’s Ernst Roets took to Twitter on Wednesday, 26 May 2021, to propagate its petition against the Firearms Control Amendment Bill. The proposed amendment seeks to prohibit citizens from carrying a firearm, albeit for self-defence purposes. This would also affect farmers, particularly in light of the continuous awareness on farm attacks and murders.

Affirming this stance in the shared petition, the political formation stated, “The proposed amendments are irrational and reckless especially since this draft takes away the ability of citizens to possess a firearm for self defence purposes. Furthermore, it appears that sport shooters, hunters and firearm dealers will also come off second best with the proposed amendments.”

Adding, “I reject the planned amendments to the Firearms Control Act that was proposed on 22 May 2021, which – if accepted – will prevent citizens from owning firearms for the purpose of self-defence. I concur with the commentary submitted by AfriForum.”

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