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Advantages and disadvantages of nutrition programmes

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There are many advantages of nutrition programmes with the main disadvantage being the monetary aspect.

Most of us want to be healthy but the reality is that sometimes this can prove to be a challenge, what with all the delicious chocolate cakes and candy staring at us from the shop’s corner window. This is why a nutrition programme can be helpful to some; however the expenses may prove to be a barrier for others.

Advantages of nutrition programmes

Health improvement: This is the most obvious benefit of a nutrition programme. If one sticks to the programme, they will most likely experience significant health benefits.

Personalised: One person’s healthy diet may be another’s poison. The great aspect of nutrition programmes is that many of them are personalized to suit an individual’s needs.

Disadvantages of nutrition programmes

Expensive: The main disadvantage of nutrition programmes is that they can be quite expensive. Not only this, the food that the individual may be required to eat may also prove to be quite costly. This means that those living lower income lifestyles may, in general, have trouble with their health and accessing programmes or the food they need to be healthy.

However, if you are lucky enough to have the money, an investment in your health may prove to not only improve your life on a physical level but on an emotional and mental level as well.


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