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ACDP shares manifesto plans to improve community safety

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The ACDP has shared its manifesto plans to help tackle the issues of gangsterism and substance abuse in communities, as a way of improving community safety and life.

On Thursday, 14 October 2021, the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) shared how it plans to fight gangsterism and substance abuse as part of its manifesto for the upcoming local government elections of ensuring community safety. The ACDP promises that it will strengthen law enforcement by ensuring ethical and effective policing and protect communities and borders by increasing police visibility, conducting roadblocks, stop and search operations, and the random drug and alcohol testing of drivers. It will also be preventing land invasions of public and private property.

The party will set out to actively assist communities in the struggle against gangsterism and substance abuse by successfully arresting and prosecuting more drug dealers and shutting down drug dens and illegal shebeens. It will also ensure that communities, economic hubs, parks, libraries, playgrounds and other public facilities are kept safe, made accessible and remain well-maintained.

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