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A review of ZambiBush Resort: A great day in the sun

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Generally, ZambiBush Resort is great if you’re looking for a fun family outing, but it’s advisable to think twice before booking an overnight stay in the chalets.

ZambiBush Resort provides a host of activities to keep children entertained, including water-slides, pools, a pony, swings and a scooter, as well as attentive lifeguards. It’s a perfect and inexpensive way for parents who want to spend a calm day having a braai whilst their children entertain themselves.

The staff are generally friendly and there is a shop on hand that sells snacks. It is advisable to get there early as the resort can become quite overcrowded and closes at 17:00. You should also remember to bring your own alcohol if you want to drink as well as food if you’re planning on having a braai. Overall, it will be money well spent on a great day in the sun.

Beyond day trips, ZambiBush Resort does not seem to provide the same experience for those who want to stay a little longer. Complaints of maintenance, cleanliness, and a lack of samples in the chalets seem to imply that individuals should rather not tarnish the memory of a day well-spent in the sun by opting for the overnight option. There have also been some complaints regarding rude staff, even from a few day visitors. On top of this, whether or not you are visiting for a day or more, it is still advisable to look after your belongings and to book in advance if you are a large group.

The busyness of the resort simply speaks to its high popularity. If you get there early and leave before the end of the day, you are almost guaranteed the rare combination of a relaxing time as well as happy and tired out children.


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