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A review of Le Kreamery Durban: A must for the die-hard sweet tooth

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With a wide variety of rich and delectable desserts, this is the perfect stop for those with an aching sweet tooth.

If you consider a meal nothing but a pre-dessert introduction, this is your place. With generally friendly staff and hands-on management, this proves to be a must stop shop for sugar lovers. However, if you’re more of a pasta and pie person, you won’t necessarily regret giving the Le Kreamery a skip.

Sugar highs galore, the La Kreamery hosts a diversity of gourmet milkshakes, chocolate bombs as well as highly recommended waffles and milkshake shots, just to name a few. Generally, their service is friendly and their management is on the ball; ready and willing to attend to any questions or complaints. If you love coffee, sweet delights and risking some future cavities, you should probably get in your car and go there right now.

Of course, with all these sugar craving ravings, one can forget that a coffee shop is more than just what is on the dessert menu. They offer a wider variety of food, which is relatively satisfying for those whose confectionary taste buds are not their top priority. Their sandwiches stand out as your best option. However, those who like a bit of sour in their food may find that a few bites of their rich desserts will leave them slightly overdosed. On top of this, the coffee shop staff does tend to have their off days in terms of service. The atmosphere as well as the parking may prove not to be of the highest standard as well.

At the end of the day, if rich and sweet are not your preferred adjectives, you may want to find yourself a restaurant that is more in your lane-not the milky one of course.  However, due to the high quality of their coffees and desserts, a cavity-fanatic may not mind walking off those extra and well worth it calories that they may have gained on those busy parking days.


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