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A closer look at the Berry Crypto Trading Platform

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A closer look at the Berry Crypto Trading Platform

While the Berry Crypto Trading Platform did promise high returns, there are a number of things about the platform that just do not seem right.

Crypto trading is quickly gaining traction as a legitimate way to generate income, all worldwide. But, while trading in various kinds of crypto currencies can be very profitable, these platforms are also rife with scams and fraud.

What happened to the Berry Crypto Trading Platform?

Berry Crypto Trading Platform has been marketed as an opportunity for users to generate huge daily returns through the trading of various crypto currencies.

However, while there were initially whispers that this platform seemed a little too good to be true – these whispers have now turned into loud shouts from South Africans who believe that they have fallen victim to a scam.

And now that the Berry Crypto Trading Platform website (originally has gone offline, it may be time for us to review some of the details that were not adding up, all along.

A closer look at the Berry Crypto Trading Platform

How to protect yourself from online crypto and trading scams

The online crypto world is expanding, with new projects launching daily and new tokens popping up all over the place.

This is part of what makes the online crypto trading world so exciting (and profitable – under the right circumstances).But it is also what makes this industry so high-risk.

The crypto trading scams doing the rounds these days range from simple social media-based impersonations to large-scale operations backed by large teams. Unfortunately, most users involved in crypto trading scams only realize what happened when it is too late.

If you want to avoid falling victim to such a scam, some of the things that you should do – and some of the things that you should not do – include:

What you SHOULD do What you SHOULD NOT do
  • Always do your research before investing in a crypto trading platform
  • Always trust your instincts (if something seems too good to be true –it probably is)
  • Do stick to the trusted crypto exchanges and wallet providers
  • Do not trust random people on social media with your finances
  • Do not share your personal or financial-information with untrusted sources
  • Do not make payments in advance
  • Do not trust promises of lucrative returns, profit guarantees or unrealistic earnings

The Berry Crypto Trading Platform’s registration and domain

There is not much information available about the Berry Crypto Trading Platform’s domain name (

Most of the information about the domain registration has been redacted in order to comply with European Union Data Protection Regulations.

What can be confirmed, however, is that Berry Crypto Trading Platform is not a registered business within South Africa.

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The Berry Crypto Trading Platform’s reputation

Although the Berry Crypto Trading platform grew quite quickly in South Africa and around the world – the platform’s reputation has never been spotless.

In fact, Non-Bank Financial Institutions Regulatory Authority of Botswana even went as far as issuing a warning to the public that the Berry Trading Platform was not licensed to provide virtual asset business services in the country.

The Berry Trading Platform also only has a 1-star rating on hellopeter and a poor 2-star rating on Trustpilot.

While the few-and-far between positive reviews claim that the platform is quite effective, many of the 1-star reviews complain that they were unable to withdraw their funds before the website went offline.

Other red flags

As it stands, hundreds of former Berry Crypto Trading platform users have flooded social media sites all across the internet to warn other users that they will probably not be getting their investments back – since the Berry Trading Platform website has now gone dark.

But, even if the website happens to return to the World Wide Web at some point in the near future – it might be safest to think twice about signing up to the platform (or signing up again).

There are a number of things on the old Berry Crypto Trading Platform website that sounded alarm bells for cyber security experts.

This includes the lack of pertinent information, such as information about the business, its history, its team and its origins, a lack of contact information, business registration information or information about trusted partners, security measures, policies, and more.

The Berry Crypto Trading Platform also had quite an extensive referral program when it was still operational, and this is usually a warning sign that the platform is relying on referrals and clicks to generate income, instead of generating the majority of its income through actual trading.

If any of these issues persist if the Berry Crypto Trading Platform does return to the internet, it may be safest to steer clear of the platform, entirely.

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