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9kg gas refill prices in South Africa

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The prices for 9kg gas refills in South Africa depend on whether the gas bottles are delivered or collected and whether you need to pay a deposit.

Liquefied Petroleum (LP) gas has become a popular way for South African households to improve their energy efficiency by using it as an alternative to electricity.

As a result, many South African companies offer refill services for 9kg gas bottles, whereby you can exchange your old, empty bottle for a new, filled one of the same size.

The popularity of LP gas in South Africa

Even before load-shedding prompted many businesses and households to look into alternative options for heating, cooking, and more, many people considered LP a greener, cleaner, and safer alternative to traditional fuel sources like wood, coal, dung, and paraffin.

Through the years, the popularity and prevalence of gas appliances has grown and now many petrol stations, hardware stores, and even specialised suppliers offer LP gas bottles and refills. Although there are some safety risks to consider when you are using LP gas, as long as your gas bottles and connections are safe, there should be no additional risk when swapping out electrical appliances for gas appliances. This change has helped households across the country to operate off-the-grid, increase their energy efficiency, and cut down on monthly electricity expenses.

9kg gas refill prices in South Africa

9kg gas bottles are the most common bottle used for gas braais, heaters, and other indoor gas appliances. They tend to be the most commonly used in households, as they can be easily moved around and reconnected. However, although 9kg bottles are fairly easy to move around and use, this also means that they run out pretty quickly if you are using them consistently.

Many companies in South Africa have started offering refill services, whereby you simply pay for the gas that is being put into the bottle, instead of buying an entirely new filled bottle every few months. These refill services vary from one supplier to the next, but usually consist of collection or delivery of the old bottle and dropping off of a new, filled bottle. There are also options when you do not have an old, empty bottle, whereby you need to pay a deposit. This refill is delivered right to your door, or you can visit the store where you purchased the original bottle and pick up the refill yourself.

These refill and exchange services, which range from about R314.00 to R 334.00, end up a lot less expensive than buying a new gas bottle, which can range from around R750.00 to R870.00, because you do not need to pay for the new bottle with each exchange, since you provided your own.

How does the bottle deposit work?

Most gas refill companies in South Africa require that you hand in your old, empty bottle before they give you a new, filled bottle.

However, if you do not have an old bottle, companies may still offer you the refill service, but will require that you pay a deposit amount for the empty bottle that they are providing, which they fill with gas for you. After this initial deposit, you only need to pay for the gas refill.

9kg gas refill prices for collection in South Africa

Although gas prices tend to fluctuate every month, especially during winter when the demand increases, the following prices for 9kg gas bottle refill collection orders apply:

Name of the supplier Price for a 9kg gas refill Price for first bottle (if any)
Stargas R 314 R 768 (filled first bottle price)
Gas Appliance Centre R 319 R 345 (deposit)
Hermanus Gas R 317 Subject to quotation
ENGEN R 332.90 Subject to quotation
Elcon Gaz (Pty) Ltd R 261.74 R 520 (deposit)
Alectra Solutions R 315 R 590 (deposit)

9kg gas refill prices for delivery in South Africa

If you would rather have your gas refill delivered directly to your doorstep, the price will be slightly more expensive, as most companies charge a delivery fee in addition to the refill price. Some prices for the 9kg refill deliveries include:

Name of the supplier Price for the 9kg gas refill Delivery fee Price for first bottle (if any)
Gas Appliance Centre R 319 Subject to quotation (limited delivery areas) R 345 (deposit)
Hermanus Gas R 352 R 35 (included in price) Subject to quotation
Easigas R 375 Subject to quotation (next day delivery offered) Subject to quotation
The Gas Company R 330 Subject to quotation (free delivery and next day delivery offered in Gauteng) None
Got Gas R 334 R100 R 470 (deposit)
Budget Gas R 334 Subject to quotation R 750 (deposit)



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