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7de Laan Latest Episode Review and Teaser for 9 July 2018

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7de Laan Latest Episode Review and Teaser for 9 July 2018

Bonita was ready to confess the truth to Justin, while Chris and Mariaan devised an evil plan

The latest episode of 7de Laan saw Bonita try her best to make amends with Charmaine and Justin. Meanwhile, Chris and Mariaan schemed a devious way to get her out of serving prison time.

Episode Overview

Bonita confessed her guilt over Jasmine to Vanessa.

Connie was frustrated by an incompetent temp worker. She was relieved when Vernon turned up at the boutique.

Rickus invited Chris out to a movie. However, Rickus’ jealous streak reared its head after Chris asked Willem to invest in his new property development.

Vanessa struggled with what Bonita had told her. She almost spilled the beans to Justin but diverted his questions before leaving for work. However, Bonita overheard their conversation.

Fikani asked Nozi out on a second date by presenting her with red roses and a dress.

Rickus confronted Chris about excluding him from the property development. They then argued about Rickus’ desire to restart his professional tennis career.

Bonita apologised to Charmaine for all her wrong-doings.

Chris visited Mariaan. He instructed her to plead insanity in order to avoid jail time. Mariaan played out her story right there and then for Chris’s approval.

Amorey surprised Willem with a romantic night in.

Fikani treated Nozi to a lush night of wining and dining.

Bonita tracked Justin down to confess the truth about the part she played in Jasmine’s death.

You can watch the full episode below:

Technical analysis

The episode was slightly lack-lustre for a Friday edition. However, Mariaan’s evil streak was shown off well by her role-playing stint. The evolution of her character should make for an interesting watch.

Teaser for 9 July 2018

Rickus struggles to hide his feelings of anger towards Willem. Alexa and Fikani appreciate each other’s friendship.

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