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Tiger Brands asked to recall three listeria-tainted products, but recalls 240

Tiger Brands asked to recall three listeria-tainted products, but recalls 240

Tiger Brands says it is going above and beyond the National Consumer Commission [NCC] mandated recall of three products, and is instead recalling all 240 items in their Enterprise ready-to-eat processed meat product range.

The company did not publish the list, but says, “it is very extensive.” And in what the company says is an attempt to not confuse the public, it only announced the relevant categories up for recall, namely, polony, salami, cold meats, spreads, viennas, and russians [sausages].

Speaking to Political Analysis South Africa on Tuesday, 6 March, the company’s spokesperson, Nevashnee Naicker, explained “we had over 240 products to list… it becomes really complex, and is very complex for people. Especially since the NCC asked us to just withdraw three products, and we decided voluntarily to withdraw everything, whether or not they were found to have any detection of any listeria.”

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“Therefore we just need to keep communicating that to people, if it is a chilled-process, ready to eat, send it back. It doesn’t matter what the brand is – you send it back. If it belongs to Tiger Brands, you send it back,” says Naicker.

The company also had some stern words for the South African Department of Health, saying “the Minister [of Health], made a statement ‘throw it away, put it in a bag and throw it away’, we don’t think that is responsible, because anybody can pick that up, there is a lot of poor people, and that is not going to help us. We don’t know how this bacteria is behaving… we don’t know whether that’s going to cause further complications.”

Naicker says Tiger Brands has a protocol in place with their merchandising team and a waste disposal company, which is mandated to manage waste of this kind. “We are busy with the withdrawal process, from store, from trade as well as from consumers. All of that gets quarantined and destroyed with a certification for destruction according to the NCC guidelines.”

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