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2018 Nomad Summit: Chiang Mai gathers world’s digital nomads

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For the fourth consecutive year, the Nomad Summit brought together hundreds of digital nomads, remote workers, location independent professionals and entrepreneurs to the place where it all started – Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The 2018 Nomad Summit was the biggest event yet; over 400 people flew from South Africa, Australia, the US, Canada, all around Europe and even Middle East just to attend the event. According to Johnny FD, founder of the Nomad Summit, a survey  conducted by Nomad Summit organisers showed that 48.19% of people came either specifically to attend the Nomad Summit or used it as an excuse to be in Chiang Mai. “Every year it is getting bigger and better,” says Johnny. The first Nomad Summit was held in 2015, and brought together 150 people.

“The Nomad Summit is all about networking, about meeting the people from around the world that have the same interest and passion as I do. For me I’ve always met people that inspire me, that give me new business ideas, and people that I can collaborate with,” says one enthusiastic attendee. He continues, pointing out the “hugely useful information” he got out of Nick Nimmin’s talk on Youtube Optimization. “The thing that I love about Nick is he gives actionable steps to actually make your YouTube channel better, to increase your revenue, to do everything, so for me it’s hugely useful information,” said one attendee.

This year’s speakers were Mike LaRosa, who spoke about Coworking and Community, Derek Pankaew, with a talk on Bootstrapping to a Millionaire Mindset, Matt Bowles had a talk on running a Physical Real Estate business while traveling as a digital nomad, Viola enlightened attendees about Service-Based Businesses, J Keitsu’s shared insights on dropshipping, and Virginia gave lessons on how to move from being an office employee to an entrepreneur.

“It was really, really good to hear all the speakers, you walk out with so many lessons learned, so many new things that you’ll probably want to try,” said a first time attendee.

Johnny FD says there are many benefits to the Summit, including the one in 2018, “it wasn’t just about the amazing speakers… the networking of meeting each other… this is what the nomad summit is all about, this is what being a digital nomad is all about, having that freedom of lifestyle and business, being able to be location independent, be with your best friends, learn and grow businesses together, to have the ultimate freedom to keep back value and create amazing things that would maybe change the world, but at least change your life.”

You can take a sneak peak of the event in the four minute recap video below:

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