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Regulations On Colour Coding And Branding: Uniformity In Taxi Industry

Regulations On Colour Coding And Branding: Uniformity In Taxi Industry

The Minister of Transport has, in terms of section 8(1) (h) of the National Land Transport Act 5 of 2009 effected Regulations on colour coding and branding for mini and midi buses that operate in the sector. These Regulations are set out to apply only to vehicles used for public transport services.

These Regulations will take effect six months after registration following the date of publication of the policy in the Government Gazette. The standard colour of vehicles is white with stickers depicting the South African national flag displayed on the vehicle in accordance with the sub-regulation contained in the document. Advertising is permitted on taxis, subject to sub-regulations pertaining to visibility and safety. In terms of permissible logos and livery;  these can only depict the association to which the operator belongs including the route number, description or a sticker or mark not larger than 225 square centimetres depicting the name and coat of arms of the municipality or province in which the vehicle operates. The regulations prescribe that owners and operators should observe the rules that govern advertising and paintwork on their vehicles, operators in contravention of these Regulations will be liable to a fine or imprisonment for a period not exceeding three months.

The Regulations will contribute to achieving uniformity in terms of the appearances to the taxi industry, however, given the volatile nature of the industry; government could face challenges with regard to compliance and enforcement. Close cooperation with the various associations pertaining to sanctions against operators who contravene the regulations and incentives for operators who are complaint, should be sought.

Itumeleng Makgetla

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