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Cyril Ramaphosa Is A Liar To The Black Majority – Lindsay Maasdorp

Cyril Ramaphosa Is A Liar To The Black Majority - Lindsay Maasdorp

According to recent email leaks, Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa has been reported to have had several extramarital relations, however maintains that the allegations are part of a dirty tricks campaign to derail his presidential candidacy pending the ANC Elective Conference. Below is a brief interview Political Analysis South Africa’s Stephanie Naidoo had with the Black First Land First (BLF) National Spokesperson, Mr Lindsay Maasdorp.

Interviewer: The validity of the emails which implicate Deputy President Ramaphosa in several extramarital relations has been placed under scrutiny. What is BLF’s position in relation to the validity of the content?

Lindsay Maasdorp: Ramaphosa himself, only came out to say, that the way in which the emails were obtained, were incorrect. The emails are in fact factual; they are truthful. One person, listed as having relations with Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa, has confirmed that they were in fact in a relationship, and confirmed that they were speaking via email, and listed the email addresses which they were using to communicate – which is then seen in the email, showing that the contents of the email are in line with what this person, who has been in a relationship with Cyril Ramaphosa, was saying. It is also factual that in court, he (Cyril Ramaphosa) does not deny the validity of the contents; he only questioned the method through which the emails were obtained.

This can be juxtaposed with white media; immediately when the Gupta leaks came out, there were no questions about the validity, or how the emails came about – in fact, no one has seen the emails to date. The story went cold after Jacob Zuma survived the Motion of No Confidence. But, immediately when these emails came out, there was a cry that the evidence against him, is in fact a smear campaign by some reactionary forces.

What we see then, is that he takes them to court, loses the court case, and then he even comes out and says that ‘I actually did have an extramarital affair with one of the persons, a few years ago’. So, he does not deny in court, there is person that says that she was in relations with him, there is email proof of their communication. Why is there a questioning, now, of the validity of these emails when there were none around the Gupta emails?

The problem now becomes that Cyril Ramaphosa is the poster boy for some white, fake morality that has been crafted in terms of his election campaign. So with this now, it proves, it shows, that indeed, Cyril Ramaphosa is a liar to the black majority – he represents white interests. He is a non-white – he aspires to be white and he cannot obtain that if he is not a non-white; and in fact he who claims that he is against the notion of – has in fact been paying for people’s studies, and being in relationships with them and buying them many gifts as shown in the emails which he has already validated.

Our position is relatively simple, Ramaphosa must come out and apologise to the nation, the black nation. He must apologise to those who he has been in relationships with, and been keeping secret relations with; and he must pay lobola and he must pay damages to the families considered, and he must stop being a hypocrite – must apologise to the black nation and stop serving white interest, and representing a fake white morality, that prejudges and says, that people who have many relationships are bad, they are barbaric, they are caught-up in historical notions of barbaric blackness, and that in fact, white-centered views on monopoly are in fact the way we should be living. So, he must come out and be clear that African ways of living are acceptable, and are accepted – that is in fact not barbaric. He must come out, and pay Lobola and pay damages.

BLF has indeed called for Ramaphosa to “do the African thing”.

Yes, of course. He must do the African thing, and apologise to the nation, and pay Lobola and damages. And quite importantly, he must accept that he is born on the African continent, he was born into African lineage – there is no way that he can be white; it is impossible. In fact, his representation of trying to masquerade as a white person by day, and  sleeping with many people at night, shows that he is incapable of appealing to white, fake morality, He is incapable of living it out – he must make peace with himself, and stop hurting himself.

In BLF’s opinion, what has been Cyril Ramaphosa’s role in the Marikana incident?

The emails, again, speak for themselves – you do not need to add to the information. He called for concomitant action, he serves white interests; he serves the like of Johann Rupert. He is the poster-boy for black people who want to escape blackness, and enjoy the house of the master. He is the person who serves white interest in that moment, and ensures the killing of black people. So yes, Lonmin and white people killed black people at Marikana, and he was the person who was tasked with carrying out the duties; as he is tasked now, to protect white monopoly capital, to protect white interests, and to protect land thieves – that is why they have put him forward to run this campaign; he is a protector of white people, and will kill black people to do so.


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