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SAJBD Response to Potential Downgrade of SA Embassy in Tel Aviv

SAJBD Response to Potential Downgrade of SA Embassy in Tel Aviv

At the invitation of the ANC, the SAJBD had a delegation at the ANC National Policy Conference. Our delegates participated in several forums on varied topics addressing important policy issues affecting all South Africans.

Marc Pozniak, Vice Chair Gauteng and one of the SAJBD representatives who attended several sessions, said that he had been impressed by the calibre of dialogue and debate at the conference.

SAJBD Parliamentary and Diplomatic Liaison, Chaya Singer, spoke of the warmth with which the delegation was received. She also noted that, “over the course of the week I was able to get a real sense of the internal dynamics of the ANC and believe that, rhetoric aside, on the whole the ANC values and principles dominated.”

In presenting the recommendations from the representative of the International Relations Commission, Miriam Saohatse, alluded to a discussion held in that forum regarding a feasibility study that will be conducted into a possible downgrade of the SA Embassy in Tel Aviv. This, however, was only one of several recommendations that were discussed.

Furthermore, there were was no single voice on the issue, but many diverse opinions, and this will no doubt be reflected in the investigation and the conversations that will be held in the coming months.

The outcome will hinge on an impact study which will be conducted between now and the elective conference in December. As a stakeholder, the SAJBD will be heavily involved in this process, including highlighting the potentially dire consequences that these drastic actions could have for SA’s economy and relations with the international community.

Charisse Zeifert, Head of Communications at the South African Jewish Board of Deputies


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